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Directors Bio

Pastor Esteban & Chela Pineda have been serving West Coast Urban Training Center since January 2009.  Esteban Pineda was born in East Los Angeles and has been involved in full-time ministry since the age of 18. Son of the late-Pastor Steve Pineda, Victory Outreach Church in Hayward, CA, Esteban is a 3rd generation Pastor. In 1997, no sooner did he grab his High School diploma from Fremont Christian Academy, than he also grabbed the legacy of becoming a Youth Pastor within his father’s church. Feeling the need to further his education in ministry, his 1998 pursuit led him to Bridgeport, CT. This is where God affirmed the promises and strengthened the call for ministry upon his life. The schooling of the East Coast Urban Training Center was more than a classroom setting for his life; it was an opening to the door that would forever change his life.  His seeking of the call of God has taken him all over the world. From London, England to Barcelona, Spain. From Manila, Philipines to Jakarta, Indonesia. Pastor Esteban has been able to see the hand of God move within cultures that many only view on television.  My Father always told me,” Pineda says, “that I need to ‘take advantage of the call of God. Travel the world and make a difference.’ So that’s exactly what I’ve done and continue to do, to this day.”

Pastor Esteban, Chela, Stevie, Lulu, & Lil' Elijah Sonny Pineda

Pastor Esteban & Chela Pineda have been married since October 15, 2005. They have 3 beautiful children:  Steve Pineda, III & Louise Pineda…and the new addition of Elijah Sonny Pineda

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  1. deana white-raymond permalink
    December 22, 2009 9:01 pm

    any info on how we can organize a WCUTC Crusade in the city of Oakland, CA?

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