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West Coast Crusaders (Summer 2k11)

June 17, 2011



July 2nd – August 29th

What is a SUPERHERO?  They possess:

*Extraordinary Powers or Skills.

*A strong moral code, including a willingness to risk one’s own safety in the service of good without expectation of reward.

*A secret identity….but this Crusade, Ain’t No Secret!

200,000 Flyers.

10 Drama Productions.

8 Cities.

2 Months.

1 Mission.

The first part of our Crusade will have us traveling to the Great Northern California Cities of Hayward, Santa Rosa, Oakland, San Francisco & Salinas. All within 2 and half weeks. Get ready for Radical Evangelism at its finest! Plus, one of the greatest 4th of July Fireworks Shows you will Ever See!  Then, upon our return to SoCal, we partner up with our VO Mother Church for a Dynamic Crusade for some Awesome Street Evangelism! Then travel down to sunny San Diego for a Weekend of Power Soul-Winning. And this is all just PACKAGE 1 of the Crusade.

Followed up by part 2 of the Crusade for a full month of beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. This city ain’t ready for what’s about to hit them this summer! Get ready as we travel the Las Vegas Region performing 2 different productions (STREET DREAMS & CLUB THREE 6) & canvassing the city with the love & grace of Jesus Christ. Going where only true SUPERHEROES can go!

The Full Package includes:




*Crusaders T-Shirt

*Power Band (2 GB hard drive)

*…and The Experience of a Lifetime.

– Package 1:  July 2nd – July 31st / $190 due by June 28th

– Package 2:  August 2nd – August 30th / $190 due by July 27th

– Full Package:  July 2nd – August 30th / $375 due by June 28th

There is a Limited Seating for this Crusade. Must be at least 16 years of age to attend.  For More Information feel free to Contact us @ 213.748.4564 or give us a message at To download application (PDF format), right click on the following link:

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