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Coincidence or Christ?

May 13, 2010

"Shaping Leaders For The Future"

1801 Toberman St. Los Angeles, CA 90015 – That’s the address of one of the most powerful houses in the America. Just ask my Lord. This house has produced some the most powerful young men & women within the ministries of Victory Outreach International. This location has some of the greatest happenings take place that the city of L.A. has ever seen. I’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of young people come thru these doors and experience the Power of God like never before in their lives. This house has more stories than Dr. Seuss.

You would think that this house, being that it has such great spiritual equity inside of it, would be located in such a great neigborhood. By God’s divine purpose, it’s located right in the prime location to fulfill the call of God for the Urban Training Center. In all 4 directions of the house are all 4 different cultures. Just South is the campus of USC where there are so many Alpha Beta Kapa Sorority/Frat houses. Towards the East is Dowtown/L.A. Live where the world-class happenings of Hollywood, from the Grammy’s to Exclusive Movie Premieres, all take place. Towards the West are so many cultures ranging from Korea Town to Hollywood’s elite stars. And of course to the North….or just above us…or right in front of us….is THE HOOD. All we do is walk outside to the nice, fresh smell of smog & delicious elotes (Spanish for corn). Every once in a while, the local Los Angeleans have a family shootout. Oh….those family spats (sarcasm right there).

Some may try to move out of such a neighborhood but this is where we flourish. Our students love witnessing in Skid Row, preaching to the drug addict, and help change the gang member. On 1 occasion, one of our students from Kansas City, Victor, was witnessing to one of the local gang members. As he witnessed to him, the young men left the encounter thinking about what Victor had told him but didn’t want to change at that moment. Then, some months later, while some of our UTC students were doing laundry in the local area, a shootout happened and the students were nearby. This is where we see this young man’s testimony take place:

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