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Legacy Leaders

March 4, 2010

Such a powerful time we had with one of the General’s of the faith, Pastor Rick Alanis. It was more than just a 3 hour service to me, it was a place of receiving the orders for the next 40 years. If you were not able to make this LEGACY LEADERS event I would highly encourage you to try to obtain the CD. It was that good. When we as a West Coast UTC put this whole event together, all we did was expect the unexpected. That’s one thing I’ve learned from our founders – leave room for God to blow your mind.  And that’s what I always try to have within my ministry. I want God to do the impossible within my life. I never want the possibilities of only what I can do to show. Then it would never take faith. I want people to look and say, “Wow! That must be God because he sure can’t do that…”

Legacy Leadership at its best!

And that is exactly the kind of Legacy that I am taking a hold of. For over 40 years our ministry of Victory Outreach International has been an “impossible ministry” within our Inner-Cities. Why?…because the inner-city is known for violence, corruption, & death. So how could anything grow, or even live within a culture like that?  Well, that’s where Victory Outreach comes in. An “impossible” scenario with impossible” people. I love it! I wish I had the whole message here to give you but I do have a few key points from the message “HOW TO SHAPE LEADERS FOR THE FUTURE”:

How Can We Shape Leaders For Our Future?

1. Stay Focused on the Vision that God has given us.

–       We have to stay practicing, praying, & continue moving OUT the box!

–       We must stay in the Unified Effort – UNITED WE CAN!

2. Understanding the Season of Change. – Joshua 1:18

–       Change don’t happen overnight

–       Change has a ripping effect on those that won’t let go

–       We’ve got to change our attitude

–       We are not about to spend another 40 years in the Wilderness. It’s time to possess the Promisepossess the Land.

3. Higher Caliber of Leadership

–       You gotta stay right behind your leader

–       This helps bring commitment & longevity

"It's time to possess the Promise....possess the Land."

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  1. Robert Brian permalink
    April 26, 2010 5:42 pm

    Great Post! Just a reminder to all those that carry the UTC mark on their lives. We have to be those that become that Higher Caliber of Leadership that’s needed to go another 40 years in this ministry!

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