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Urban Training Center’s

February 7, 2009

Our Founders and Elders included to “…plant and develop…Training Centers in Strategic Cities in the World…” in our VO Mission Statement, before there was even a UTC.

In 1998, Pastor Al and Georgina Valdez left the West Coast with a group of young people to start the first UTC in Bridgeport, CT. The UTC would become the place “Where The Journey Begins” for many young people. 

Pastor Al & Georgina ValdezWe’ve serviced already over 12 countries and students from Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The UTC has been successful and significant in training young people. We see many leaders in our churches today that are alumni from within our International Centers. We have UTC’s in the East Coast, Mexico, South Africa and West Coast. We want to expand and see more UTC’s being established within strategic cities of the world. We want to see leaders answering the call and becoming apart of the UTC leadership. We need staff, directors, and most of all……students.

Pastor Esteban & Chela PinedaThe G.A.N.G. is working hand in hand with the UTC to create a mindset that if you feel called to be a leader for the future, the UTC is not just an option, it’s a MUST. If you are part of this NOW Generation and you are called to be a leader for such a time as this, then log onto our website at and get your application today.





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